Welcome to my blog, DeborahClarke.ca

Welcome to my website and blog.   My first website, ebizcoach.ca  started back in 2014, as a way to get my books and personal success content online. 

Today, my blog, DeborahClarke.ca provides a way for me to share resources, tips, tricks and updates to promote growth in all areas of your life (personal and business resources).

Can’t help myself … I ‘love’ marketing and business development.  I ‘love’ helping people recognize their most marketable assets and true potential.  A shift that happened for me seven years ago was moving to online marketing.  Today, digital marketing is my passion.  I can help any person or business get online and grow a business.


I was called an entrepreneur long before I knew what the word meant.  But, it was identifying my strengths as a young entrepreneur that has guided me throughout life.

My happy place is being on or close to the lake.  I grew up in Ontario, Canada and have spent the majority of my life living in areas around Lake Huron. After spending 20 years in corporate, finance, marketing and management level positions, I stepped back into the entrepreneurial world and discovered online marketing.  Digital marketing for business growth has been my focus and passion since 2014.

Achieving Lifestyle Freedom & Financial Freedom
as a Casual Millionaire™

Dubbed ‘a catalyst for change’ at an early age, Deborah has long been a voice for entrepreneur’s success.  She started her first  business at the age of 24, sold it to one of her employees three years later and started her second entrepreneurial venture.  She authored a book, Live Your Dream, about setting goals for personal success at the age of 28. 

Then she became an accountant … and for 20 years she excelled in business using those same entrepreneurial skills to help larger organizations succeed in finance, marketing, sales and business development.

To say Deborah understands marketing and business strategy is an understatement. She will use those acquired skills to help you discover your most marketable assets and she will challenge you to own your worth.  She knows how to bring out the best in people and businesses.

Here’s how she can help

Deborah has been able to recognize patterns of success and she has succinctly developed some of the best tools, cheatsheets and summary documents to help you in the areas of 

  • Personal Growth
    • Deborah’s book Live Your Dream  is a collection of exercises, personal strategies and self discovery tools to catapult you to the next level of your personal success.
  • Career Growth
    • Purposeful Job Search is a quick read that Deborah wrote after coaching university and college students for 15 years, to find the right career fit.
  • Business Growth
    • Deborah Clarke knows how to grow and develop businesses and can help you reach your goals. Not only that, but she brings passion, clarity and drive to help you create the best growth plan customized to your specific business. If you have an interest to grow your business online, contact Deborah at 519Web.
  • Wellness Growth
    • Still considering herself a work in progress, Deborah has (since retiring from the corporate world) succumb to the reality of needing to control her own health and wellness strategy.  Daily walks, yoga, meditation and a lifestyle changing diet has been a good formula for Deborah.  The Keto Diet allowed Deborah to strip back her diet and identify the foods that were causing her body pain.  She has been able to get off a long term medication she had been taking for 20 years.  “You are what you eat, much like we are what we think,” says Clarke.