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Re-Inventing Myself

As I sit here on this Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, I feel the warm breeze and watch the leaves falling gently from the trees. It reminds me of how frequently nature in Canada changes. Every season brings something new … a new quarter in the business world, a new school semester, a new sports season and with that an opportunity for new habits and lessons for us as individuals.

Reflect for a minute how your lifestyle and habits will change in this new season … autumn, or fall. Or whatever season you are entering as you read this article.

LISTEN … get outside and listen. What is your environment telling you? In a quiet moment of reflection what comes to you? What are you thankful for? What can you do to help someone else? What will you do to help yourself?

As I sit here today and go through this exact exercise a flock of Canada Geese fly overhead. It reminded me of last night at sunset, when a formation of geese approached me haphazardly over the lake, then as they abruptly turned toward me as I filmed them, they started to form their “V” formation … practising for their journey south this winter. Did you know geese lose their flight feathers over the summer. You will find them swimming around the lakes and walking around in parks and on shore but not flying. It’s the late summer and fall they shed their summer feathers and get their flight feathers back. And then they practise, and practise, and practise … to prepare for their long flights south with their new wings.

Let the seasons guide you into something new to practise, like the Canada Geese. Maybe you are ready to take on some new habits, or refocus your energy with existing habits? How will you renew yourself this season – personally, in health, with family, in wealth, in business or your career? Be like the Canada Goose and take on the new challenge of the season … and fly!

This autumn I will reinvent some existing books, personal and business success materials and rebrand them as part of my new Casual Millionaire® trademark in Canada.

My goal is to make this material readily available and affordable to all who are interesting in re-inventing themselves or at the very least re-tweaking a few things in their lives with the changing seasons.

My Casual Millionaire® program(s), books and tips are all original, not a white-labelled service of someone else. It’s not someone else’s material I’m selling, this is all me. All Deborah Clarke … all tests I’ve put myself through; all lessons I’ve learned first hand; and all material and tools I’ve used personally to get me through any obstacles, problems and major choices I’ve faced in my life so far. Are there other versions of these tools and materials out there? Of course, because after all, when it comes to achieving individual success we know success leaves clues. And, if you monitor habits, tools and attitudes of a wide range of successful people you will find, while we are all different, many of our habits, including mindset, will have similarities.

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